Attorneys: Harnessing The Power Of The Internet For Marketing

In the legal profession, advertising or marketing online is quite a recent development. There are still a lot of law firms that are not very active with regards to advertising or marketing their services on the internet. In order to survive and more importantly thrive in today’s competitive world, it is critically important for every law firm to take note of, and constantly use the significant resource that is the internet, remembering that it is the number one tool people often turn to when they are looking for information, products and services.

These days, it is a rare thing to see a household that doesn’t own a computer or similar digital device, and when you add the power and reach of the internet, it gives them all the information they need on every imaginable topic, from the simple ‘yellow page’ listings to web pages with audio and video presentations.  Lawyers and law firms as well that choose not to pay more attention to their marketing and/or advertising online are loosing out in ways that they cannot imagine. 

There are a variety of online listing vehicles for attorneys. Websites like,,, or the many ‘yellow pages’ services allow lawyers seeking to be added to a commercial listings to do so by paying to have his or her name, or the name of their law firm inserted in such a directory.

For example, there are about four national listing services specially for personal injury attorneys, and others for criminal lawyers, family lawyers and so forth. Association membership is yet another vehicle that can be used for listing in specialist directories. E.g. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Association, the Consumer Attorneys Association, The Council of Parent Attorneys, etc.

Then there are the local service listings for states or cities that are just as effective in giving a law firm great exposure to people who might be looking for local legal advice. Listing in any of these local directories, or in fact any of the aforementioned directories can sometimes require significant investment on the part of the lawyer or law firm, however, such investments are usually worth the money as the exposure and possible clients you will get as a result will be your return on investment.

And of course one thing that is a must is for an attorney or a law firm is to have their own personalized website. A law firm that has it’s own hosted website can succeed in doing a number of things. The first and foremost is having control over what people get to know about your firm. This is because you have control over what content and information goes onto your website, and this can be a very powerful thing if used properly.

Most people who are searching for an attorney are probably often in some sort of situation that might have them somewhat frightened or worried. Also, chances are that they are not very knowledgeable in the aspect of the law for which they need help with. If your website can provide them some measure of information that answers their question without them even needing to send you an e-mail or give you a call, you would have succeeded in establishing some level of trust between yourselves, something that would not have been possible without a website.

In this day and age, it is safe to say that any law firm that does not pay adequate attention to their digital marketing or advertising is almost certainly not going to get very far.