Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer: Word of Mouth VS Online Search

It is a fact of life that people will get hurt or injured one way or another. Whether it is being hurt or injured in an automobile accident such as a car, bus, motorcycle or bicycle accident, or a plane or train crash. Or alternatively, it may be that a person is injured while on the job in a workplace related injury, or many other ways that such an injury can occur.

What however is uncertain about any of these incidents, is how exactly it affects you, and perhaps more importantly, how well you are able to recover from it.

Of course how you are affected will largely be dependent on what type of incident or accident it is. How well you are able to recover from it will be dependent on what type of help and support systems are available to you in the recovery process. If the incident involves significant personal injury to your person, then perhaps the most important thing that you will need to aid your recovery, is medical care. However, for the most part, your access to adequate medical care will be dependent on your ability to pay for it. And given the fact that healthcare is very expensive, the number one resource you will need to access it is money.

This is perhaps the reasoning that lawmakers had when they passed laws providing for people who have been injured in any of the aforementioned incidences to be compensated. These laws usually fall under personal injury law.

While it is not a given, one very important resource that can greatly aid you in receiving that compensation that you will need to get you access to that medical care, and other expenses that you and your family may be unable to meet after this incident or accident, is a personal injury lawyer.

You may need an experienced personal injury attorney that is not only skilled in assessing your injury claims but can also negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company and file complicated legal documents, as well as go to trial if it comes to it.

The fact of the matter is that an injury attorney is in the best position to go through the often lengthy and complex processes it can take to successfully file a personal injury claim. Besides their usually being very experienced in such matters, they are also trained in the law and are better able to function within its confines.

The question that we are seeking to answer in this article however, is which option is better for finding a personal injury lawyer: using the internet to search for one, or relying on word of mouth?

Finding A Personal Injury Attorney Online

With the advancements in technology, especially with the advent of the internet and the world wide web, the search for lawyers on the web has perhaps proven to be the quickest and easiest way of beginning the search for a lawyer. Obviously, the internet provides an always-on access to a tremendous amount of information about lawyers and the law in general. However, the internet is usually overloaded with a myriad of information and some of which are simply untrue, and at such the advantage of quick availability and vast database that the internet has, is perhaps counterbalanced by the possibility of incorrect information that abounds on it.

Yet another advantage that the internet presents in the search for a personal injury lawyer, is the reach it has. This reach refers to the ability to find an attorney pretty much anywhere in the world, irrespective of where you are searching from. And on the flip side of the coin, with latest developments in most search engines like Google and Bing ensure that whenever a user is searching for information that has a local component, the results that will be returned is more likely to be results containing local businesses.

find a lawyer online

For example, someone living in California and looking to hire a personal injury solicitor in the Ventura county, and does a search for personal injury attorney Ventura in Google, the results that will be presented to them, will contain law firms that are actually all present in the Ventura county of California, as opposed to seeing results of lawyers in other irrelevant locations. This is a very powerful and relatively new feature that has been introduced by the major search engines.

Once this list of usually thousand of results has been presented to the searcher, it is then up to the individual to sift through the results and ultimately decide on a law firm to contact. This will very likely involve phone calls to multiple law firms to sound each of them out until you decide on one.

Searching For A Personal Injury Attorney Via Word of Mouth

On the other hand, word of mouth referrals have always been how people found information before the advent of the internet and the world wide web. There was of course the yellow book which was also quite effective. And while this word of mouth was effective in the sense that you could often trust the recommendation of someone you personally knew, based on their personal knowledge of, and experience with the lawyer, the drawback to this was that your scope of search was usually limited to your personal network of people that you know. Which more often than not was very limited. This is in comparison to the several thousands of results that you could get by searching online.

word of mouth referrals

And while word-of mouth referrals still exists today, just as importantly, its reach and effectiveness has been exponentially increased by the internet and the extended and increased network of people that a searcher now has access to via multiple social networks like Facebook and Twitter, often running into the hundreds or thousands. As opposed to the very limited few scores it would have been without the internet.

Final Verdict

While both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, the winning method would have to be searching online. The advantages of scale and reach of the internet, ability to localize a search, the ability to research a prospective attorney and know more about them, their experience, past customer reviews, and many more such things trump the advantages of being able to trust the personal recommendation of someone you know. There is also the fact that, as previously mentioned, word of mouth referrals has now also moved online, besides being an in-person thing, which is also something that the internet has made possible.

And to back up our selection of an online search as the winner, a 2012 Google survey revealed that as much as 32.4% of people start their search for a lawyer online, consisting of 21.9% of them searching on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and the other 10.5% searching in other places on the internet.