About Us

Welcome to the blog of Attorney Jerry Prater. Attorney Jerry is also the founding partner at the law firm of Jerry Prater and Associates, a firm which was established to provide all manner of legal services to all residents of Oklahoma and environs.

From family law, to business or commercial law, civil litigation DUI, to divorce matters and more. Our doors are always open to listen to whatever legal troubles you have. While our team of seasoned attorneys are always on hand to have a conversation with you over a phone call or alternatively at our offices.

At Attorney Prater’s law Office, we strive to always provides you with one of the best returns on your hard earned Dollar in all of Oklahoma.

Jerry Prater believes that the District Attorney’s office is a place where all citizens should expect fair and equitable justice, as well as complete transparency.

With Attorney Jerry Prater as your Attorney, you can rest assured that your legal needs will be met.

As a citizen, you are entitled to a community that is safe, and the law offices of Attorney Jerry Prater is committed to helping that be a reality. So do get in touch with us today to discuss your legal needs.